Jack Russel Terriers, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, breeder

It was Christmas time, I was out shopping and ran into a man that was trying to sell a puppy in the mall.
It was love at first sight! Of course I bought her and her name was Molly. But unfortunately the man at the mall was not a reputable breeder and was just trying to get rid of Molly because of major health problems. So three years and thousands of dollars later in vet bills, my poor little Molly passed away. I have had dogs my entire life, German Shepard’s, Springer spaniels plus a few mixed breeds. All of them I loved but that little dog was special. Even though she was sick she would climb trees and chase everything; gophers, llamas, rabbits, and the water hose. She was ten feet tall and bullet proof.

We started to look all over Canada and the U.S. to find the BEST  Parson Jack Russell Terrier BREEDER’S that we could find and there are not a lot of them !

We are proud to  have found some great, well-bred healthy dogs.

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